Top 10 UI/UX Design Agencies in the World

User experience and interface design have become paramount for businesses looking to create
compelling digital products and services. The UI/UX agencies in the world combine strategic
thinking, human-centered design, technical expertise and creative vision to craft beautiful, intuitive
and highly functional digital experiences. Here are the top UI/UX design firms globally based on their
industry reputation, client roster, awards/recognition and overall design capabilities:

1. Frog Design: Frog Design has been a pioneering force in human-centered design for over 50 years.
With studios in San Francisco, Austin, New York, Seattle and Milan, Frog takes an interdisciplinary
approach to product strategy and service design. Major clients include Disney, GE, Intel, Microsoft,
Spotify and many more. Frog’s work combines creativity and analysis to solve complex design

2. IDEO: IDEO is renowned as one of the most innovative and award-winning design consultancies.
Founded in 1991, IDEO takes a design thinking approach to tackle problems across industries from
healthcare to financial services. IDEO’s global teams excel at rapid prototyping, experience design,
systems thinking and organizational change. Its portfolio includes work for clients such as PepsiCo,
Ford, Eli Lilly and countless startups.

3. DesignStudio: DesignStudio is a branding and digital design agency with offices in London, Sydney,
San Francisco and New York. Their impressive client list spans categories like technology, consumer
goods, retail, fashion and more. DesignStudio provides strategy, identity, packaging, product and
experience design services with a human-first philosophy. Key clients include Airbnb, Deliveroo,
YouTube and Adidas.

4. Huge: Huge has built a reputation as one of the leading experience agencies, creating digital
products and services across mobile, web, connected devices, and more. With studios in the US,
Europe, Latin America and Asia, Huge works with top brands like Google, Nike, Hulu, P&G and
others. The agency designs and builds AI-powered apps, platforms, ecommerce solutions, virtual
reality experiences and more.

5. sagaUX: sagaUX all about creating top-notch enterprise UX solutions that put the user first. It’s
simple – if you want to succeed in the digital realm, you need to invest in a great user experience.
Our team merges cutting-edge tech with expert strategies to craft stunning, intuitive interfaces that
make difference. We’re not your average professionals. As a team of seasoned Enterprise UX
experts, we bring to the table a wealth of experience and expertise. Our approach is driven by critical thinking, creativity, experience, and intuition. SagaUX knew from the get-go that we had the
skills to create something truly exceptional – something that would obliterate the limitations of
modern UX design. So they put in the hours, burning the midnight oil until we crafted a user
experience that went beyond mere satisfaction to become truly outstanding.

6. R/GA: R/GA is a full-service consultancy known for blending design, technology and marketing.
Named by AdAge as a Digital A-List agency and a top innovation company by Fast Company, R/GA
designs for the connected age. From customer experience overhauls to high-impact campaigns and
new product development, they work with the likes of Google, Samsung, Nike, Verizon among

7. ustwo: ustwo is a design-driven product house with studios in London, Sydney, New York, Tokyo
and more. They operate at the intersection of branding, design and product development to create
“beautifully simple” digital experiences. ustwo takes a user-centered approach for clients like Ford,
Google, PlayStation, American Express and Lego with a strong focus on craft and culture.

8. Fantasy Interactive: Fantasy Interactive is a UI/UX powerhouse offering end-to-end services from
early concept to final design, build and deployment. Based out of New Zealand with offices
worldwide, Fantasy works with both startups and established companies to ideate, prototype and
bring engaging digital products to market. They specialize in mobile, IoT, AR/VR, AI and beyond.

9. Cooper: Cooper is a San Francisco consulting firm pioneering the principles of goal-directed
design. Cooper’s forte lies in creating user-focused solutions through in-depth upfront research,
rapid iterative prototyping and usability testing cycles. Recent client work includes digital
transformations for Molson Coors, PG&E and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

10. Fjord: Fjord (part of Accenture Interactive) is a global service design studio with expertise
spanning digital products, physical and spatial computing, emerging technologies and more. With a
cross-disciplinary approach, Fjord reimagines entire service ecosystems and experience journeys for
some of the world’s biggest brands.

While by no means an exhaustive list, these agencies represent the gold standard of UI/UX design
capabilities and innovation. As more companies turn their focus to customer experiences, the
demand will only grow for the top user interface and experience design talent globally.

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